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Fiat 238 Campervan


  • MOT Exempt in May 2018
  • New tyres
  • Rebuilt Engine
  • Thousands spent in restoration
  • Very Rare


Now this is Rare…

This ambulance is extremely rare, only a few in existence globally.

1974 Fiat 238 Ambulance, Converted to a basic camper van with Rock N Roll bed and power supply but keeping many of it’s original features.

It’s 1438cc, Manual 4 speed transmission, Front wheel drive. It has only covered 4500 miles. It drives very well, very smooth in the gear change and even in the recent hot heat, the engine stays very cool.

This vehicle was purchased new by the Italian ambulance service, it was located in a very quiet Italian village. It saw very little use over the years, As the years went on it was superseded by newer models but the senior officer at the Ambulance station keep hold of this little gem for the major of it’s life. Kept inside all this time away from the world! When it emerged it was in time capsule form! Barely used in 40 years and showing only 7,000 km’s!! Unbelievable!

The owner bought this vehicle several years ago and started the restoration project, even though it had only covered 7,000 KM!! it still required lots of replacement parts and restoration.

The owner went about the restoration through a classic car restorers local to him. The van has been completely re-built mechanically, Including:

New Brakes, New Clutch, Rebuilt Suspension, New Ignition system, New Exhaust, New Cooling System, Brand new Wiring, New Fuel pump, New Alternator, New Battery and added Leisure Battery, Powder coated Wheels, New tyres plus spare, Additional Oil and Voltage gages installed, New Radio and speakers, New flashing lights, New Headlights and Tail lights, Re-chromed rear bumper, Re-upholstered front seats & modified storage seat, New rock ‘n’ roll bed and new floor throughout, Additional cooling fan, New windows seals

It has all the basics to be self sufficient on the road, but been kept as original as possible.

The stretcher in the back has been removed, as have the 2 rear seats but are available if required.

The paintwork is original apart from a few touch up’s where the paint had cracked, but there is absolutely no rust.

The interior has been kept pretty much as it was, the dymo labelling in the front cab has been translated into English, the cupboards now have battery interior lights, the floor has a more hardwearing rubber matting, and all the seats have been re-covered in soft Italian leather to keep it authentic.

They have added a couple of cigar lighter sockets and a USB port, and it’s now got a Leisure battery so you can plug anything in and even make toast in the morning!

It’s fully registered in the UK with a age related numberplate.

It is Tax exempt and from May 2018, it will be MOT exempt with the new MOT laws come into play.

“Vehicles over 40 years old will be exempt from UK MOT test”

Its dimensions are:

Length 4590mm

Width 1484mm

Height 2250mm

USA Exportable, We can assist with world wide shipping!

See walk around and driving video below:


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