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Bmw 850 CSI

  • Full Bmw Service History
  • 118k from new
  • No.1 of 14 made in this colour combination
  • No.26 of 160 ever made in RHD


Bmw 850 CSI

Comes with Full BMW Service History 

118,750 Miles 

First Registered on the 18th/01/1994

This car is number 26th RHD 850 CSI’s Built of of 160 produced!!

This car was the 1st Worldwide 850 CSI built in this colour combination out of 14 produced!!

This car was the 1st Oxford Green Mettalic RHD 850 CSI to be built out of 21 produced. 

Worldwide, there were51 Oxford Green 850 CSI’s built

* 20 Euro LHD

* 21 Euro RHD

* 10 North America CSI’s

For the purists:

You’ll notice the front splitter isn’t a 850 CSI splitter, its actually from a 840 because the previous owner didn’t like how low it was to get over speed bumps.

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